Tuesday, October 17, 2017

QSL: WIBW Topeka KS 580

WIBW was alone on 580 when it was heard off the Mount Loran beverage, rather weak but after the news they faded up nicely during a lengthy weather report. Friendly response today, along with the studio recording of the same weather report.

QSL: WBRT Bardstown KY 1320

Exceptional signal levels on the Mount Loran beverage on October 16, quick response today. A very nice catch!

KONG35 - Day Four

This was departure day for TJ Bråtveit, who left for Trondheim in the morning hours.

We're still very much under the influence of the effects of the Coronal Hole, but we're slowly moving towards better times. Overnight the propagation shifted rapidly, and there were some spots where very interesting stations could be heard. Some not yet disclosed, a few of the others were WIBW-KS 590, WBAA-IN 920, KBUF-KS 1030, WBGW-IN 1330, KGMY-MO-1400, WASK-IN 1450, WDLR-OH 1550. Missouri and Kansas stations have been very audible the past few days, so I recorded a full-hour ID of the excellent signal from KCMO Kansas City MO 710 for a Facebook posting. I got an immediate response from a gentleman who said he was in that studio at that time! Small world. The red line to the left on the overnight spectrum shows how the signal levels fluctuated. The minutes around the 01:00 spot were particularly interesting.

Unlike previous days, when signals disappeared at sunset, they actually returned with fair levels with mostly western North America past midday. Some Hawaiian stations also audible. In the afternoon, there were a few Australians audible, though to be honest we haven't monitored too closely. In the evening, the back lobe of the Asia/Pacific beverage had strong signals from Spain and the UK, like Sunrise-972 and Free Radio 80's on 1017.

And then suddenly: Dinner time! Our menu said salmon sashimi as a starter, we had a little inventory error as only the salmon was there, so we had to improvise a bit. However, with soy sauce, a bit of reasonably fresh rosemary and a blowtorch it ended up quite nicely.

Lamb steak as main course, with a paste of potatoes, carrots and celeriac, sauce and nothing more. It turned out as exceptionally tender meat, so we were quite lucky on that one. With the food we had Tyler, a 2014 Pinot Noir from California. Actually a left-over from last year's KONG33 DX-pedition - the extra year spent in the Arctic didn't do it any harm. We were supposed to have dessert, but we ended up with another Kansas City, Missouri catch, the Boulevard Tank 7 - arguably the best beer ever enjoyed here.

Weather is still quite nice for October, 4-5 Celsius and relatively calm. Light rain in the afternoon.

Monday, October 16, 2017

KONG35 Day Three

The effects of the coronal hole continues to hammer down on our battered DX souls. It's not all bad though. Short periods are in fact DX-able, and interesting stations to hear. Last night had a short peak towards mostly central US and Mexico peaking just before 01:00, and another, weaker peak around 05:00. Stations noted in passing were KPOF-CO 910, KDMR-MO 1190, KUBR-TX 1210, KBIZ-IA 1240, KLIK-MO 1240, KLWN-KS 1320, KCLN-IA 1390, KLTI-MO 1560. Some of the Mexicans heard were XETUL-1080, XERED-1110, XECD-1170 and XEBS-1410.

In the afternoon, the season's first NZL station finally surfaced with a good signal as we heard Newstalk ZB on 1035. Nothing else of interest from Asia or Pacific though.

However, dinner is always interesting here. For starters we had roasted artichocke hearts on roasted slices of sourdough bread and pesto (the latter was a mistake but quite a tasty one). Main course was woked salmon with woked vegetables and bacon and sour cream. Dessert was grilled pineapple slices with chili. The wine selection was simple but well chosen, a Condes de Albarei from Spain.

Mentioning sourdough: OJ Sagdahl is a certified (by me) world class sourdough bread maker, and this is yesterday's creation.

Weather has been good to us the past few days, dry and not too much wind. Temperatures from 2-6 Celsius. The days ahead will bring more wind, and some rain, according to the weather service.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

KONG35 Day Two

Dreadful conditions today, under the influence of the coronal hole. A few stations were heard on the Loran C beverage overnight, like KLMS-1480 and KXRB-1140. Time was spent to maintain the Loran C beverage, and to replace a faulty part of the dual-340 beverage. Conditions towards Asia in the afternoon proved to be uninspirational.

So! We enjoyed a few beers before dinner, such as Venusian Pale Ale from Garage Project. For dinner we had bruschetta for startes, followed by tenderloin and sirloin from lamb with piperade, and a paste made of potatoes, carrots and seleriac.

For dessert we enjoyed a selection of cheeses, such as Stilton, Papillon Roquefort, Parmesan, Gruyere, Chaumes, and Austavind.

Weather was nice: Dry, a little windy, mostly overcast and +5 Celsius.

But it's going to be another shitty night. Propagation-wise, that is.

Friday, October 13, 2017

QSL: RFC Radio Fukushima; JOWW Iwaki,1431, JOWR Fukushima, 1458

Another two of RFC's five MW transmitters were confirmed today, both are 1 kW. Only one station left to hear, but the most tricky one, 100 watts on 801 kHz. Not impossible though, I've heard several 100 watt stations from Japan here. QSLs as jpgs came as email attachments. I am most grateful for excellent service.

About To Start: The KONG35 DX-pedition

Chilly overnight in Kongsfjord, but the gear is ready for this year's DX-pedition; 10+ SDRs, 4 beverage antennas, 250+ TB hard drive capacity and all the other necessities. The rest of the crew will arrive during Friday.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

QSLs: All India Radio Kolkata, 1008; Bengali Service Chinsurah 594

Two new emails from the AIR Spectrum Manager this morning confirmed AIR Kolkata's English Service on 1008 kHz, and the Bengali Service from Chinsurah on 594 kHz.

Both were heard during the second half of September. If you want to hear how AIR Kolkata's English Service sounds 6300 km away, click here.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

QSLs: All India Radio Kolkata, 657; Siliguri 711

The extremely auroral conditions around autumn equinox were favourable for signals from south-east Asia, including India. 20-odd stations were logged with relative ease during a few afternoons, and this morning I received two emails from AIR, confirming Kolkata 657 and Siliguri 711 kHz.

Monday, October 02, 2017

QSL: KZNU St. George, UT 1450

There was a brief opening towards western North America last night, and KZNU surfaced with a good signal on top of the hour with IDs for KZNU FM & AM and also for KAZZ 1400. Quick response to my report this afternoon.